List of Prohibited Materials

Click Here For the Latest Version of Aaron Metals’ List of Prohibited Materials.  Please call 510-569-6767 or 510-732-1200 if you have any questions.  Thank you.

New CRV Regulations 2014

As a result of new regulations passed by the State of California, Aaron Metals cannot purchase more than 100 pounds of CRV Aluminum Cans from any one customer per day. Moreover, Aaron Metals Hayward cannot purchase more than 100 pounds of CRV Plastic nor 1,000 pounds of CRV Glass. Please read the announcement from the State of California here.  Aaron Metals Oakland does not accept Glass nor Plastic in any quantity. Thank you.


Coworker’s interview that aired on ESPN en español!  8 Nov 2013.

Consumer alert!! – Fraudulent Emails

Consumer alert!! Fraudulent emails are being sent from people claiming to be Aaron Metals’ representatives. Before sending any funds to Aaron Metals Company, call Jesykah Forkash directly at 510.732.1200 to confirm sale by telephone conversation.

Aaron Metals Company (Oakland and Hayward) is not responsible for reimbursing funds sent to others claiming to be representatives of our company.

If you receive a pro-forma invoice that looks like the following, please contact Aaron Metals Company immediately. This does not come from our company and it is not our letterhead.

New California Law

Please be aware of a this new law.  Click here for text of SB 1045.  Thank you.

Addressing the Metal Theft Crisis

Here is the first draft of our statement on metal theft.  Please feel free to comment with ideas.

Prop 65 Warning

Prop 65 Warning Label / Posting

For more information, here is a link to Wikipedia’s article on the subject.

Sample Certificate of Recycling

At Aaron Metals, the scrap material we receive is recycled – this includes resale and reuse.  Unless otherwise directed, destruction and mutilation are the seller’s responsibility. However, should you demand that your scrap be destroyed and require written documentation that your material will be recycled – in most circumstances – Aaron Metals offers this service.  

Here is an example of our Certificate of Destruction

List of Prohibited Materials

Here is our evolving list of Prohibited Materials.

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